Therapy Services


Grow With Me™ provides Occupational Therapy services in your child’s pre-school or home. Evaluations and treatments may include, but are not limited to: Fine Motor Coordination, Handwriting, Sensory Processing, Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills, and Daily Living Skills.

Working with your child in their “occupational environment” (school or home) allows the therapist to use a comfortable and stimulating setting for both individual (child/therapist) and whole family (child/therapist/mom/teacher). treatment approaches are designed to accommodate the individual needs of each child and family. 

We use standardized tests as well as informal measures to assess your child.  Evaluations typically start with a parent interview regarding your child's history and development.  Then the child, depending on the age, will participate in standardized (formal) testing procedures as well as informal testing procedures.  Once the evaluation is completed, a report will be reviewed with and explained to the parent(s).  Recommendations will be made at that time. 

We take pride in providing parents with detailed and specific information regarding the development of their child.  We love working with parents to help educate them on the skills necessary for improved sensory and motor skills. 

Grow With Me evaluations are performed by an Occupational Therapist with certifications in: 

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