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All Classes Feature

  • Education on Child Development

  • Play Activities to Promote Development

  • Education on Sensory Integration

  • Play Activities to Promote Sensory Integration

  • Education on body mechanics and joint protection for parents

  • Interactive Songs

  • Hand Rhymes

How Parents Will Grow    

By taking Grow With Me™ classes, parents will learn the importance and the influence that 

the sensory system has on your baby’s development.  You will be able to enhance your baby’s 

development by using your awareness of physical milestones during playtime with baby.  You will 

also learn how to protect your joints to avoid wrist and back pain while caring for your baby.  Finally, 

you will meet other parents while learning, having fun and enjoying time with your new baby.  

Classes are taught in three separate Groups:

For 0-6 mos. click here

For 6-12 mos. click here

Click here to sign up for a class

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